San Francisco Food Favorites

As a resident of San Francisco Bay Area for many years, I’ve tried a decent amount of restaurants. Over time, to facilitate sharing with friends and remembering my favorites, I compiled the list into a Google Doc spreadsheet. Below is the consolidation of my favorite restaurants / bars / etc. with cuisine, price, neighborhood, and […]

Bullish on Netflix

There’s been a lot of negative discussion of Netflix recently – and while I think they have made mistakes, I’m bullish for the medium-term future. Essentially, Netflix lost 2% of their subscribers after a 60% price hike. Their overall revenue increased 4% from the second quarter, and 49% YOY. Granted, they expected more, but that […]

Shipping Up to Boston

After more than 6 years in San Francisco, I have decided to move to Boston to pursue a startup. This wasn’t an easy decision, but it was one I had to make. I’ve made many friends here, worked at some awesome places, and had an amazing amount of fun. SF will always hold a special […]

Anger entrenches people

Going to restart the blog, mixing it in with some personal stories, as well as the same random tech posts like before. As always, feedback is welcome. Last night, I had a remarkably Seinfeld-like moment that reminded me of something very important. I was driving to North Beach in SF for dinner and drove around […]

My Dream: Merging LBS, Intent, and Real-Time info with my Calendar

Last night, I was driving home from my sister’s place in the east bay, and after checking Google Maps and seeing all green roads (i.e. no traffic), I decided to take 880/Bay Bridge to get back to SF.  Little did I know it was green because there was no traffic on the bridge (due to […]