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US Government Already Pays More Than Other Countries’ Single-Payer Systems

I blogged about this before, but I thought it was relevant to cover again after reading Paul Krugman’s brief post and listening to all the controversy (fear) on a single-payer system (please see the definition if you are not familiar – essentially single-payer means the government becomes the insurer, i.e. it pays the health care […]

Health Care Expenditure by Country

There’s a lot of talk about health care proposals in Washington these days.  Personally, I have been having issues with my health insurance and health care provider getting on the same page – i.e. they’re making me pay for a routine visit that should be fully covered.  In my case, I have (great) insurance, and […]

Deficit Should Not Impact Health Care

Last week the NYTimes released some very interesting data (methodology) about how we went from an $846 billion surplus when Clinton left office in 2001 to a $1.2 trillion deficit currently estimated for this year (via Freakonomics and Matthew Yglesias).  That’s a $2 trillion swing in yearly spending – in just over 8 years.  It’s […]

Jon Stewart responds to Rick Santelli

Jon Stewart continues to amaze me in his (and his writer’s) ability to break down hypocracy in our public figures.  It’s like we almost expect him to represent us.  While I hardly believe we should rely on the Daily Show as a sole source of news, it’s great at it’s ability to put things in […]