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Bullish on Netflix

There’s been a lot of negative discussion of Netflix recently – and while I think they have made mistakes, I’m bullish for the medium-term future. Essentially, Netflix lost 2% of their subscribers after a 60% price hike. Their overall revenue increased 4% from the second quarter, and 49% YOY. Granted, they expected more, but that […]

Amazon continues to impress

Amazon releases their earnings this Thursday, and while most of you probably heard about the controversy regarding Amazon (#amazonfail) last week, what you may have overlooked in all the hubbub was the astonishing 300,000 Kindle 2′s sold in the less than two months since it’s release.  That’s over a $100M in revenue from a single item. […]

The Kindle 2

I had no intention to get a Kindle 2, mainly because of its high price tag.  But my nephew (aka my sister and brother in law, seeing as my nephew is not even 1 year old) bought one as a surprise – and I love it.  At first, I can’t deny I was disappointed.  It […]